Def Manic
Currently based out of Brooklyn, New York, Serbian Hip Ho...
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Location: Brooklyn, Ney York (united states)
Bio: Currently based out of Brooklyn, New York, Serbian Hip Hop artist Def Manic has created a name for himself in the experimental Hip Hop world over the last few years. At 24 years of age, he has over 6 projects under his belt, one being his latest EP 'Extrovert' which has received over 200K streams collectively as well as two notable mixtapes (Retrospect & Curious Tales) and a full length album titled D.R.A.W. (Do Right & Win), which he toured Australia with after coming off a sold out Album launch in September 2014. His single "Stuck In The Moment" made a splash on commercial radio stations since 2013 in Australia, Canada, US and France as well as in viral Youtube videos like "Insane Football/Soccer skills" (1.3 million views), "Football is Awesome" (350k views) & "Brandon Loupos Scooter" video (270k views).
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