Monolog is a band formed by Leisure B. and the brothers B...
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Location: Bussum (netherlands)
Bio: Monolog is a band formed by Leisure B. and the brothers Bas and Ramon Lookman. Originally coming from their hometown Bussum in the Netherlands Leisure and the Lookman bros go way back, so their musical endeavours already crossed paths many times in the past. It took up until may 2013 until they decided to work together. Leisure B. comes from a background of sound design, thus his sounds have a cinematic character and a dynamic flow, with influences ranging from triphop, to dub, drum ‘n bass, jazz and old school. Leisure B. has been making music with various people/bands in different configurations. Originally a bass player, Leisure is a gifted producer that uses the studio as his personal playground, where styles and/or influences don’t matter as long as the end result is a piece de resistance in the nowadays mass media controlled pop culture. Leisure is based in Germany and is an important musical backbone for the area he lives in and for the musicians he works with. The Lookman bros have been making music together since the age of 8 years old, Bas was playing the guitar while Ramon played the piano. It didn’t take long before they were kicked out of music lessons, originating from their problems with authority and started to teach each other how to play the piano and guitar, making them autodidact in almost everything they do in the musical landscape. They played in various bands and worked together with many musicians, but always found time to compose songs together, varying from alternative rock and pop, to triphop and cross-overs, resulting in music that still not has a label in modern music. Ramon his main contribution lies in the creative area and vocals and keys, where Bas his main contribution is rhythm and bass, guitars and overall composition.
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