About theGrindLab.com

What do we do?

Back in 2005, we launched theGrindLab Production Company as a collective effort between 7 independent record labels. Since then, the organization as evolved and membership has changed, but the core principal remains the same. Our goal is to connect independent artists in order to enrich their music through collaboration, and to help them reach new fans and supporters by promoting music through channels those artists might not have access to themselves.

Working with other artists can inspire you to produce more unique and creative music. Incorporating what you learn from other creatives can introduce you to new techniques and habits, practices you might not have discovered on your own. One of the most recognized advantages of musical collaboration is the potential for exposure and growth of your fan base. When you have multiple artists featured on a hot track effectively promoting that track to their individual fans, every contributing artist benefits from every other artist's marketing. Your music gets to the ears of new fans, who are more likely have an appreciation for you as an artist because you are associated with the artist those fans follow. In turn, collaboration builds positive bridges and connections. These are relationships that can extend beyond just those between collaborators.

Site Features

theGrindLab.com is a social music sharing platform similar with Mixcloud and SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share with the world. Depending on account type, users on the site can:

• Upload tracks and optionally use the scheduling feature to post tracks at later dates
• Add tags to your uploads to make them easier to find through the site search feature
• Arrange tracks into albums and playlists
• Provide your music for streaming-only, fee-based download, free download, or under Creative Commons license
• Follow artist feeds and repost their favorite music to their own followers
• Share tracks, playlists, and artists profiles across social networks
• View a music player progress waveform (like on SoundCloud)
• View robust statistics for tracks- See who plays your music, and where they are located

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